Handling Vacation and Food Stress

Vacation stresses a lot of people out when it comes to their eating and weight.

Let’s first acknowledge that the habits you work on throughout the year help you in times like this. Consistent movement, consistent effort towards building healthy meals – these things make a difference over the long term. And also let’s acknowledge that regardless of your size – you deserve to enjoy vacation and wear whatever you want.

You can absolutely have an enjoyable time without over-doing it! Here are some tips to help you feel not so ‘out of control’ while on vacation:

1. Keep up with water intake – You may be sitting in the beating sun all day, so regardless, it is important to stay hydrated!
2. Keep your eating habits somewhat normal – for me that meant having fruit 1-2 times per day, snacking on vegetables when I could, keeping up with fiber intake and ordering most things grilled as opposed to deep-fried
3. Keep moving – walks or runs on the beach, walks into town, hiking, swimming, a group class at the hotel fitness center – movement can still be relaxing without forcing yourself into a gym if that’s not your thing while on vacation!
4. Order foods you want to – enjoy the food you are surrounded with! You likely don’t get the opportunity to eat the foods that are on your vacation on a regular basis. Eat until you are satisfied. Take back leftovers. Maybe choose a drink or dessert instead of having both every night. Enjoy your time there and don’t stress- it’s vacation for crying out loud!

I can promise you that a week away most likely did not unravel all progress you have made. There is no need to come home and restrict yourself. Go back to your normal routine. Your body WILL adjust.
STAY OFF THE SCALE. I can’t think of a worse time to weigh yourself than 1-2 days after eating and drinking more than normal for a week. The number will most likely be higher, so avoid the scale for a few days to a week or forever lol. That number is not important right now.

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