So often, people ask, “how many crunches should I do in order to tone my stomach?” Fair question, I mean, who doesn’t want six pack abs that can cut diamonds? The problem is that there is no exercise or magical fat-burning food that can make our abs appear. Doing 1,000 crunches every night may be great for strengthening your core, but it’s not going to give you the result of visible abs.


Have you ever heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen.” ?? While I don’t go around promoting this idea, I do know that visible abs come from a low level of body fat, which comes from a calorie deficit. This level of body fat will be different for everyone. Some people may need to be at 16% body fat before they see visible abs, others may have abs at 20% body fat. This really depends on genetics.

Please remember that abs are not the end all be all to being in shape. I’m not sure when we determined that lines on our stomach made us attractive, but apparently that was a universal decision. Love yourself and take care of your body by moving it and nourishing it, and let the results come. When you do things for the sake of aesthetics, you will lose motivation and belief in yourself. When you do things because they make you FEEL GOOD, you are way more likely to stick with it. Being lean enough to have visible abs honestly may not even be healthy for you. I went from 155 to 120 pounds when I competed and still didn’t have a 6 pack. My body was not mean for that look. AND THAT IS OKAY. Don’t sacrifice your sanity and your health to fit a standard that could be potentially harmful for your body.

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