I’m Ditching Dieting

I have quite an update! It’s been a while, huh?

I’ve gone through a little bit of a transition in my health, fitness, wellness, whatever-you-want-to-call-it journey this past year. I kind of wish I would have documented it a little better but sometimes I think when you’re in the middle of something you don’t realize what’s going on until you can look back on it. 

Nutrition has always been a means to improve health to me, however, nutrition has also been a  way to manipulate the human body.  I used “nutrition” for a long time as a way to change my own body.  First it was “clean eating” then it was meal plans, then it was tracking every little thing that went into my mouth. After a while I would get sick of X diet I was doing, or I’d find myself “falling off” on the weekends and would give it up for a while. Only to re-find comfort in having full control over my food intake again. And that’s what it was! Something I could control. It was just a mindless cycle I went through with no real direction because while part of me wanted to manipulate my body, the other part of me just wanted to be able to eat without thinking SO much about it. Because of this, I felt like I didn’t have a direction with my goals. And because of that, I didn’t feel like I had direction with my blog and talking about nutrition. To be honest, I didn’t even feel qualified. I felt like an imposter, faking my way through it all. I kept thinking, “how am I supposed to charge someone money to help them lose weight when I have no idea how they’re body is going to respond?” “What if they become too restrictive and I’m the one that ruined their relationship with food?” 

I’ve struggled helping people with their nutrition and even just talking about nutrition. I was trying to do what people on Instagram were doing – telling people how to structure their food for the sake of weight loss – because that’s what everyone wants. But, I don’t really care about your weight. I don’t want to tell you that you have to log your food into an app in order to see results or feel good in your body. I don’t even believe everyone’s “results” are supposed to be reflected on a scale. 

I care about your relationship with food. Are you still viewing foods as good and bad?

I care that you are eating enough to adequately fuel your body and mind. 

I care that you stop yo-yo dieting and can trust yourself again.

I care that you give up the life of detox teas and meal-replacement shakes that aren’t. even. good!!

I care that “health” is no longer dictated by body size, but by the foods we eat, the emotions we feel, the thoughts we think, and the movement we do.

I care that your self-worth is no longer tied to your body size and that you can finally find confidence in who you are as a person – not what a measure of gravitational pull tells you.  

I have realized that I don’t want to promote health by telling people what to eat and dishing out meal plans or macros. I want to teach nutrition by guiding people in finding what’s going to make them feel THEIR best. I don’t want to approach health from a weight loss standpoint, I want to approach health from a behavioral standpoint- mentally, physically, and emotionally. I don’t want to help women feel confident in themselves based on how their body looks. I want women to feel confident in themselves because they deserve to – no matter how their body looks.I guess you could say I’ve found new direction. I’m ready to openly talk about my journey to intuitive eating and adopting an approach to nutrition that isn’t weight-based, but instead, truly wellness-based (and I don’t mean eat clean and organic and never touch sugar). I’m ready to help women find their confidence, enjoy food again, enjoy EATING again, and feel their absolute best. I have so much to learn. Every day I’m either listening to a podcast, reading books, or discovering dietitians in the space and using their resources. I don’t feel ready to be an intuitive eating dietitian, but I’ve come to find that there really is no such thing as ready. So, ready or not, I’m bringing you along this journey with me as I learn and grow in this space.

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