I must first give the credit to my dad for this awesome, creative name! The more I thought about it though, the more I realized it really was the PERFECT FIT. It encompasses so much of what I believe.
Have you ever felt the discomfort that surrounds talking about our bodies? We shy away from compliments. We come up with excuses as to why our clothes lay a certain way.
The first thing we say when the weather starts to warm up is, “oh God I am not bikini ready.” We apologize for looking the way we do. We apologize for not meeting the standards the internet and magazine covers have created for us. We feel the need to explain ourselves to people when we order the cheeseburger at a restaurant instead of the salad. We reprimand women who post pictures of their bodies and say they are just looking for attention. The reality may be that we envy those women for being confident enough to put themselves out there and openly talk about the way they look and feel.
What if we finally felt comfortable in our own skin? And what if we didn’t feel pressure from Instagram to look a certain way? What if we could openly talk about our weight gain, weight loss, what we eat, and our motivation, or lack-there-of, to workout everyday? What if we could pick apart all the BS information that is out there and truly know how to create a healthy lifestyle for ourselves?
I created Body Talk Nutrition because I want us to be able to talk about these hard topics. I want us to stop apologizing for our weight, and our food choices. I want us to start listening to our bodies talk to us, instead of us telling our bodies what foods they can eat and how they’re supposed to look. I want to help teach proper nutrition so that women are not trapped by the chains of fad diets.
Nutrition is so often looked at as a punishment, or something we HAVE to do. We forget that nutrition is an essential part of our lives, and we only see it as “You can’t eat this anymore.” We make decisions about our own nutrition every. single. day. Let’s allow those decisions to be made out of respect for our bodies and our health, instead of out of hate for our bodies.
So let’s start talking. Let’s talk about our health. Let’s talk about our strengths and our insecurities. Let’s talk about why we haven’t met our health and fitness goals and what we can do NOW to change that. Let’s talk about our relationship with food. And let’s let our bodies talk back. Then maybe we can even listen.
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